Taking The Outdoor Plunge

How to Take the Outdoor Plunge

Written by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer. Take the Outdoor Plunge — Your First Outdoor Adventure With the weather cooling down, autumn and winter can be a great time to embrace the outdoors. You are likely to start seeing social media posts about epic … read more »

Tower Junction Revamp Under Armour

Tower Junction Revamp

To celebrate the completion of the revamp at our Tower Junction store, we’ve got up to 50% off heaps of epic gear for one weekend! This offer ends May 14th 2017, so be sure to come in and check out our … read more »

NZ Backcountry

Don’t Be an Egg… Take a Jacket!

Writing this as the skies darken outside, and the rain begins to fall with increasing urgency, it’s perhaps obvious that if I go outside, I’ll need a jacket. I suppose I could take an umbrella if I were to venture out to the letterbox, but this is Wellington, and umbrellas are nigh on useless in the wind. read more »

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