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    CamelBak®: the original hydration pack.

    Keep hydrated and perform better the easy way - with a CamelBak® hands-free hydration packs designed for your activity.

    Or, if you prefer a bottle or your activity doesn't call for a pack, get a CamelBak® bottle.

    You just have to stay hydrated.

    The Antidote™ Reservoir Hydration Advantage

    Watch, then choose your new CamelBak Hydration Pack:

    Quick Link System Specific video:

    Choosing the right pack:

    Choose from the following size reservoir packs online: 1 Litre | 1.5 Litres | 2 Litres | 3 Litres

    Or buy just an Antidote™ Reservoir.

    Why staying hydration is so important:

    And Check out the CamelBak™ Core Technology: