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Ethical lifestyle fashion made in New Zealand from sustainable fabrics; merino, organic cotton & love.
chalkydigits clothing

About chalkydigits

chalkydigits' special blend of form and function mixes cool graphics with Kiwi creativity to design unique clothes. The company is built around the uncompromising ideals of sustainable, locally made clothing. Goes anywhere. Built to last casual life-styled clothing for outdoorsy climber types on and off the crag!

chalkydigits are so committed to New Zealand they heavily involve themselves in helping protect it (with your help) through projects like saving the South Island Robin and the Kokako.

chalkydigits Values and Principles

We are still made in New Zealand.

We are still a little boutique brand. We still don't mass manufacture our gear, making small editions of each style to keep it unique. We still try and source the most ethically produced fabrics we can find.

We still design with longevity in mind.

We still create our styles with the intention that they will be stylish, functional and hardy enough to be around for a long, long time. We aim to use the highest quality materials and manufacture we can, to avoid contributing to a 'throwaway' society - and you get better bang for your buck.

We still support local creativity.

We continue to feature graphics on our gear from talented local creatives, adding another element of true-blue kiwi authenticity to our ranges. We just love to keep it local.

We still love our land.

We raise awareness of our endangered native species like Kakapo and Kokako and work hard to raise funds for special conservation projects - like our robin transfer to Chalky Island and pest eradication work on the Banks Peninsula.

In short, we still prioritise the values of integrity, honesty and social responsibility. Just keeping it real.

Liz Collins, Founder.