Bivouac Outdoor Wild Auckland Trail Series – Pre-Race: Muriwai

This weekend is the final race of the Bivouac Outdoor Wild Auckland Trail Series. We’re heading to Muriwai this time, which should be fun. I’ve been to the Muriwai area a few times for training and running events, so I’m semi-familiar with the area. I’ve always enjoyed running up there, so I’m looking forward for an excuse to get back out that way.

This week I’ll be doing the Discovery distance, which we have been told is 13.8km with 198m elevation gain. A bit less vert than the previous runs! Last weekend I gave the Kepler Challenge a go (DNF at Rocky Point (36km), apparently running up and down a ~1400m hill with a cold doesn’t work too well) and my body still hasn’t quite recovered from this.


One of the things I think we all overestimate is how long it can take the body to recover after you’ve done something big – and big is relative. If you’ve put out a lot of effort (and perceived effort, thank you heat and humidity for teaching me about that) then you do need some time to recover from it. I run with a Suunto Ambit watch and it often informs me I need a ridiculous amount of time to recover from races (in my opinion), but I’ve found that often the amount of time the watch tells me is actually pretty close to reality. It’s one of those “go figure” moments I’ve had to learn to accept!


I’ve been taking it easy all this week in the hopes I will recover by Sunday’s race, but I am going into the Muriwai event with absolutely no time-related goals or thoughts of racing, per se. My goal for the race this weekend is just to get out there and walk it, if that’s all I’m feeling up to, and enjoy the amazing weather we are forecasted to have. It’s actually sometimes quite nice to go into an event without putting pressure on about what sort of time you want to achieve. Relaxing, almost!


That aside, logistics-wise this is an easy race to plan for. The drive to Muriwai is pretty easy, and with spare supplies (water, snacks, clothes) it should easily be a comfortable day. By the looks of the map the race crosses the Okiritoto Stream a couple of times, so I’d say spare socks and shoes are definitely going to be on that list. And sunscreen!

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this race series (and trail running in general) is some of the places you get the opportunities to see. We’ve got to see three regional parks around Auckland that you may or may not have been to prior to this (I had been to one of these), and this weekend will make four. One of these regional parks included areas not actually open to the public yet, as far as I’m aware (Te Rau Puriri). It’s been a great experience all round!


See you out on the trails on Sunday!


Kristina Arthur

Race Motivator for the Bivouac Outdoor Wild Auckland Trail Series


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