Supporting Kauri Dieback Prevention

Supporting Kauri Dieback Prevention

We are very pleased to be working with Auckland Council to send out Kauri dieback materials with our online orders. Please do your part, where you can, to save the the Kauri. Visit The Kauri Dieback Management Programme for more info.

Safe camping for beginners. Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash

Safe Tramping for Beginners

Safe Tramping for Beginners: How to enjoy your first Tramping adventures safely, and with the right equipment. Article by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer. For those of us who enjoy camping and tramping adventures, it’s something we try to pursue as often … read more »

Dunedin Avalanche Evening

Dunedin Avalanche Evening 2017

Join us in Dunedin on the 2nd of August for our 2017 Avalanche Safety Evening. Come along to be educated and informed about avalanche hazards, and learn how to avoid danger out in the backcountry! > Wednesday 2nd August – Bivouac … read more »

Taking The Outdoor Plunge

How to Take the Outdoor Plunge

Written by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer. Take the Outdoor Plunge — Your First Outdoor Adventure With the weather cooling down, autumn and winter can be a great time to embrace the outdoors. You are likely to start seeing social media posts about epic … read more »

NZ Backcountry

Don’t Be an Egg… Take a Jacket!

Writing this as the skies darken outside, and the rain begins to fall with increasing urgency, it’s perhaps obvious that if I go outside, I’ll need a jacket. I suppose I could take an umbrella if I were to venture out to the letterbox, but this is Wellington, and umbrellas are nigh on useless in the wind. read more »

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