Arc’teryx Phase Base Layer Garments

Arc’teryx have developed a moisture management system and named it Phasic™ Technology and used it in their new Phase base layer garments. The technology applies the very latest principles of moisture management and temperature regulation to enhance your personal comfort and athletic performance. The Phase base layer garments are designed especially for stop-and-go interval activities like backcountry skiing, engineered to disperse moisture across the entire garment during active phases. This broadly dispersed moisture creates a micro-climate that helps regulate your temperature as your physical effort increases. When you enter a rest phase the moisture evaporates at an accelerated rate to keep you drier and more comfortable.

Phasic fabrics are constructed with a bi-component structure that combines Phi yarns for super wicking and fast evaporation with a 100% hydrophobic yarn to significantly reduce the amount of moisture held within the fabric’s structure.These fabrics also feature a mechanical stretch-knit construction eliminating elastic yarns that absorb moisture.

The eradicate the odours long associated with synthetic base layers, Arc’teryx’s premium textiles feature anti-microbial silver ions that are encapsulated within the hydrophobic fibres as they are extruded during the manufacturing process. This encapsulation process delivers extremely effective and long lasting odour control. The encapsulation process is part of the fibre extrusion process and is not a wash-in process like other silver ion treatments, so no harmful grey water is produced.

How it works:

100% Hydrophobic Yarns

image showing how hydrophobic yarn transfers moisture to the Phi yarn
These non-absorbent yarns shed water molecules and transfer them to the super wicking Phi Yarns. Encapsulated silver ions (not a wash-in treatment, so no grey water issues) eliminate odour.

Hydrophobic yarns are lightweight and their action minimises the amount of moisture that can be retained by the garment, reducing weight and aiding moisture distribution.

Plus Phi Yarns

image showing Phi yarns dispersing moisture
Multi-dimensional Phi yarns efficiently wick moisture laterally, dispersing moisture over the entire garment. During the active phase of your activity, this dispersed moisture helps regulate body temperature.

The stretch knit construction eliminates the need for moisture absorbing stretch yarns, and allows the garment to retain its shape without bagginess..

Produces a Bi-Component Structure

image showing drying capability of the bi-component fabric
Combining the hydrophobic yarns with the multi-dimensional Phi yarns creates a bi-component structure that, through moisture dispersion, regulates body temperature during active phases and dries faster during rest phases, retaining body heat, to keep you warmer and more comfortable.

And this is what it looks like:

image shos the Phase SL fabric
Phase SL fabric in
all garments have flatlock seams too

Phase Base Layer sold here online:

We stock two weights of Phase base layer: very lightweight Phase SL (smooth outer face) and the slightly heavier Phase AR (pill resistent with a lightly lofted interior for light insulation).

Men’s Phase garments | Women’s Phase garments


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