Tips for Your Kid’s first Fishing and Camping Trip

First Fishing and Camping Trip - Photo Credit to Daiga Ellaby

Written by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer.

Introducing your child to their first fishing and camping trip can be a joyful occasion. By planning it well, you will go a long way towards creating a special and memorable experience. Here are a few useful tips to help you plan the best first fishing and camping trip for your child:

Ensure that your child knows what to expect:

Before you actually get into the act of planning a fishing trip, let alone embarking on one – you should let your child know what to expect. He or she should not be under any wrong notion about what such a trip actually consists of. This will help ensure there are no unreasonable expectations or disappointments later on, which could lead to a bad experience.

To help get your child prepped, get him/her a few books or DVDS beforehand that impart useful, yet fun and exciting advice related to fishing. This will hopefully also pique their curiosity, besides teaching them the basics. This is also the perfect time to explain boat rules, lifejackets, and to teach your child how to remain safe during the trip.

First Fishing and Camping Trip - Photo Credit to Andreas Ronningen

Select a place ideal for both fishing and camping:

The place and time chosen for your child’s first fishing and camping trip can have a dramatic impact on its success. Try to select a place nestled in the lap of nature, ideally near a fishing haven and with excellent camping grounds. Pick a spot which has other interesting features, like a beautiful landscape, pretty flora, and interesting wildlife. This will ensure that there is a back-up activity if your child becomes fidgety – and also provides ample opportunities to appreciate the outdoors!

First Fishing and Camping Trip - Photo Credit to Clay Knight

Choose appropriate fishing and camping equipment:

Select fishing equipment that is meant for children (many of which are available with designs of favorite comic heroes, animated characters or sports personalities etc). Not only will such gear introduce fun into your child’s first fishing trip, but it will be a lot easier to use. You don’t want your kid’s first fishing experience to be difficult due to oversized equipment!

Camping is no fun without a tent. It introduces a different level of excitement into a trip, making it feel more adventurous and exhilarating. While you are choosing tents, consider getting one which is self-standing so that you do not have to adjust or fix it.

Apart from adequate fishing equipment, bedding and a tent do not forget to pack other essentials such as clothing, food, shoes and accessories – including those that are weather-appropriate such as umbrellas or thermals. First-aid kits and survival kits are an absolute must when you go with your child for a camping trip. You can also pack a board game or two for those moments in the day when the fish seem to be nowhere near to catch, so that your child does not become bored or restless.

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