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GoPro-HD Hero2
The GoPro HD HERO 2 with it’s flash new display and features.


So you thought that the HD HERO was impressive… say hello to it’s newest sibling; the HD HERO2, with more firepower in every way.


The HD HERO2 has a totally redesigned wide-angle lens to take full advantage of the HD HERO2’s increased image processing.

Thissharper lens takes even clearer pictures with a new and improved resolution using 11 megapixels to allow you to record the best in-focus, hardcore videos in the world.

This new resolution combined with improved mods gives you even more video and static photo options. You can now capture up to ten 11 megapixel photos in a one second burst mode as well as automatic time-lapse photos with quick .5 second timing between photos, so you’ll never miss that shot again.

There are now 4 LEDs on all sides to allow you to see whether the camera is recording without taking it off your helmet, and the on screen display now speaks English rather than binary at you, so you know what type of photo or video mode you’re taking.

The camera’s mini-HDMI port, composite out, USB, SD card and HERO ports will help you share your best falls, jumps and races… that is until the end of the Summer, when the brand new GoPro WiFi BacPac promises to enable live broadcasting and camera control over a WiFi connection… This is the future!

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