Bouldering in the Castle Hill Basin

Bouldering in the Castle Hill Basin

Castle Hill Basin, New Zealand, is a world class bouldering area with thousands of boulder problems on sculptured, unworldly limestone.  Josh, a Bivouac Team member from Hamilton took some time out to check out the Castle Hill Basin, with some great results. read more »

Participants on and around a boulder

NZAC Bouldergaine

Rock-climbing met orienteering at Castle Hill in the first event of an entirely new sport in New Zealand – and the world! The inaugural bouldergaine event was organised by the New Zealand Alpine Club and is described as a hybrid of rogaining and bouldering. This extreme new pursuit combines rock climbing on boulders to a safe height without the need for ropes and harnesses with an endurance form of orienteering, involving locating electronic checkpoints in cross-country terrain. read more »


Gear Test: Red Chili Habanero

  Words by Jeremy Toschi Lets get this out there right from the beginning… I don’t climb hard, but I do climb often. I started climbing 10 years ago and can still remember sitting on the couch at Bivouac Outdoor … read more »