Tower Junction Revamp Under Armour

Tower Junction Revamp

To celebrate the completion of the revamp at our Tower Junction store, we’ve got up to 50% off heaps of epic gear for one weekend! This offer ends May 14th 2017, so be sure to come in and check out our … read more »

Snowtime in New Zealand

The Ultimate Onesies Have Arrived

As a famous television show has coined the phrase, “Winter is Coming”…  we thought we might as well join the bandwagon and tell you about the new gear we’ve got specifically for the pre, during & apres ski this year. … read more »

Q & A at the Winter Launch

Icebreaker Winter Launch in Tauranga

Last night, Bivouac hosted an Icebreaker Winter Launch in our Tauranga store showing the highlights of the Icebreaker Merino Winter 2012 Range. Our guest speaker was Anna Reymer – an Olympic Rower for New Zealand –  who recounted her use of Icebreaker and … read more »

A History of Icebreaker Technology

A History of Icebreaker Technology

Icebreaker: what it’s all about When, 14 years ago Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker’s CEO and Founder, came to our store to sell us wool underwear, most thought he was crazy. But Jeremy’s product was nothing like the heavy, scratchy wool garments … read more »

New Icebreaker Winter 11 Range

New Icebreaker Winter 11 Range

The Icebreaker Winter 2011 collections have started to arrive in store and online! There have been some problems getting all the new styles and new colours out at the same time this year but we think it is high time … read more »