A Tramping Summer is nearly here!

Summer is nearly here! It seems to have been such a long wet winter! Those early morning runs don’t seem so bad any more now that it’s light and easier to drag myself out of bed in the morning. But this has also inspired me to get back out into the bush and check out the fantastic hiking we have. read more »

Kauri Dieback

Kauri dieback – the word is getting out!

Summer is upon us and many a fair weather hiker will rouse from their slumber and head out onto forest tracks, they will no doubt cross paths with the more hardy types who have been hiking through the wind and rain of winter. You can decide which category you fall into and you don’t have to admit it to anyone. read more »

Kauri Dieback

Kauri Update: Summer scrubbin’

Summer is well and truly on its way folks and personally, I can’t wait to spend endless summer days wandering through native bush under cool canopies and the watchful eyes of resident wildlife. Sadly, the onset of the BBQ season doesn’t signal that the days of scrubbing muddy boots and bike tyres are over, but rather quite the opposite. read more »

Muddy boots after a good tramp!

Wintery weather poses risk to kauri

With the memory of this year’s summer drought quickly fading behind what seems like endless rain, we’d all be forgiven for throwing our tramping boots into the back of the wardrobe to provide a cosy winter home for resident daddy longlegs! If this sounds like you then by all means stop reading here. However… read more »