Godzone 2015 - The Wind, the Rain and the Battle of the Feet

Godzone 2015 – The Wind, the Rain and the Battle of the Feet

With high expectations and fierce competition it was with much excitement and nerves that we went into this year’s GODZone. Having done a few races now the team has become very well drilled in what needs to be done pre race. As any good adventurer would tell you the hardest part of a trip is the planning, packing and logistics and GODZone is no different. Six days worth of logistic planning and food packing all crammed into half a day! read more »

Heading into Molesworth Station

Godzone Memories: Part 2

Part 2 of 3; Up off the Clarence River walking towards George Stream in the dark at a faster pace. After a quick pep talk, some adjustments to the equipment and a short wrong turn, we were off up the river heading towards the George saddle and that’s where it all began. read more »

Participants on and around a boulder

NZAC Bouldergaine

Rock-climbing met orienteering at Castle Hill in the first event of an entirely new sport in New Zealand – and the world! The inaugural bouldergaine event was organised by the New Zealand Alpine Club and is described as a hybrid of rogaining and bouldering. This extreme new pursuit combines rock climbing on boulders to a safe height without the need for ropes and harnesses with an endurance form of orienteering, involving locating electronic checkpoints in cross-country terrain. read more »

Mountain Biking towards the Clarence

Godzone Memories: Part 1

Team Bivouac Inov-8 surpassed their expectations in 2013 with a 2nd place at XPD, a huge result at the World Championships at Costa Rica and were totally ready to attack the 2014 season in style. Here they recount their third Godzone Adventure going into it with a new team mate and in their best ever form. read more »

Hogs Back Rogaine

Return of the Canterbury Rogaine Series

On a fantastic spring day more than 160 people turned out to explore the great wilderness surrounding Castle Hill Village. The Canterbury Rogaine Series returned in mid-October with two course lengths, a 6-hour and a 3-hour, catering for a range of skills and fitness levels. read more »

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