Taking The Outdoor Plunge

How to Take the Outdoor Plunge

Written by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer. Take the Outdoor Plunge — Your First Outdoor Adventure With the weather cooling down, autumn and winter can be a great time to embrace the outdoors. You are likely to start seeing social media posts about epic … read more »

NZ Backcountry

Don’t Be an Egg… Take a Jacket!

Writing this as the skies darken outside, and the rain begins to fall with increasing urgency, it’s perhaps obvious that if I go outside, I’ll need a jacket. I suppose I could take an umbrella if I were to venture out to the letterbox, but this is Wellington, and umbrellas are nigh on useless in the wind. read more »

Wellington #PeakBragging

#PeakBragging in Wellington

Throughout the summer Wellington City Council are encouraging you to explore some of Wellington’s wonderful walkways and reach the tops of its highest places. But what’s the point in doing all of that if you can’t brag about it to your sofa-dwelling friends afterwards? read more »

Kazakhstan Adventure

Above 3000m in Kazakhstan

When people ask “Why did you go there?”, the only thing that has ever goes through my mind is “Why wouldn’t you?” I think you must always say “Yes” to adventure, and nowhere was quite the adventure of climbing mountains in Kazakhstan. read more »

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