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The Nao® RL is an ergonomic, ultra-powerful and rechargeable headlamp designed for trails and ultra-running. It features Reactive Lighting® that automatically adapts the brightness to the ambient light and has a whopping maximum brightness of 1500 lumens. Other features include 3 lighting levels plus 3 standard lighting modes, a red rear light for safety, an easily-adjustable headband with optional top strap for optimal support and a Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via a USB C cable (in a pinch the battery can recharge your other small devices). It comes with a storage pouch which can turn the headlamp into a lantern in Standard mode or lets you carry an spare battery.


  • Ultra-bright and lightweight: 1500 lumens for a weight of only 145 g
  • Lighting for movement automatically adapts to ambient light:
    • Wide, uniform beam so you can comfortably see up-close or at your feet
    • Mixed beam (wide and focused) allows for proximity and distance vision for movement
    • Three white lighting levels: MAX BURN TIME, STANDARD (better power/burn time balance), and MAX POWER
    • Longer burn time, greater visual comfort, and less manual operation with REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode, which allows the light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and beam pattern, optimising battery usage
    • Minimum burn time of 5 hours in REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode (STANDARD level), built to power through long activities like trail running and ultra-running
    • Red lighting, continuous or strobe, at the rear of the headlamp, and a separate button to quickly turn it on or off
  • Ergonomic:
    • The battery pack is in the rear to distribute the weight of the headlamp over your entire head, making it balanced and comfortable to wear
    • Thin and flexible front plate, to better adapt to different head shapes
    • Quick and easy rear adjustment
    • Additional top strap for optimal support
    • Lithium-Ion 3200 mAh battery, rechargeable with a type C USB port
    • Carry a spare battery for long distance trail runs, or simply to switch out the battery when it dies (R1 battery available as an accessory)
    • Battery charge indicator with five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level
    • Rechargeable R1 battery can be used as a spare battery to charge other devices, such as phones or watches
    • LOCK function to avoid accidentally turning on the lamp during transit or storage, or to lock lighting settings during your activity
    • Reflective headband to remain visible at night
    • Storage pouch allows you to turn the headlamp into a lantern in STANDARD mode, or carry an additional battery
  • Beam pattern: Wide or mixed
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours


Maximum Output 1500 Lumens (white Reactive lighting on max power), 550 Lumens (white Reactive lighting on standard), 250 Lumens (white Reactive lighting on max burn time)
Rear red light: 2 Lumens (on continuous setting)
Beam Range 200m (white Reactive lighting on max power), 100m (white Reactive lighting on standard), 70m (white Reactive lighting on max burn time)
Rear red light: 2.5 (on continuous setting)
Red strobe: 150m
Burn Time 2 hours (white Reactive lighting on max power), 5 hours (white Reactive lighting on standard), 10 hours (white Reactive lighting on max burn time)
Rear red light: 78 hours (on continuous setting)
Red strobe: 400 hours
Water Resistance (IPX Rating) IPX4
Weight with Batteries 145g
Batteries Lithium-Ion 3200 mAh rechargeable battery (included) lasts 2 years or 300 charging cycles

NAO® RL Ergonomic, ultra-powerful and rechargeable headlamp featuring REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 1500 lumens from Petzl Sport on Vimeo.


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