PIEPS BACKUP Transmitter

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If the worst should happen the PIEPS BACKUP may save your life. Worn directly on your body with your main beacon, the mini BACKUP Transmitter will automatically begin to transmit if it gets separated from your main beacon by more than 1m thereby giving you a complete solution in the case of secondary avalanches. The BACKUP works in conjunction with all types of standards compliant avalanche transceivers and will not begin transmitting unless stationary.


  • The PIEPS BACKUP detects an emergency ("no motion" and "no transmitting beacon nearby") and only then will the PIEPS BACKUP start to transmit (457khz)!
  • The PIEPS BACKUP can be combined with every standard beacon
  • Active search operations are never influenced
  • The PIEPS BACKUP may only be used in combination with an avalanche transceiver
  • PIEPS recommend a distance of 50cm between the BACKUP and the PIPES TX600, if used together, to avoid any mutual impact e.g. wear the BACKUP in a closed trouser pocket and the TX600 in the lid pocket of your pack


Dimensions 6.2 x 4.7 x 1.9cm
Floats No
Batteries 1 x alkaline AAA, IEC-LR03, 1.5V
Weight with Batteries 70g
Other Specs Temperature range: minus 20
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