PIEPS DSP PRO Avalanche Transceiver

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The DSP PRO is built for professionals and those of you who like to explore in the unstable outback. It has a 3 antenna system to locate burials over a 60m circular range regardless of the antenna orientation and burial depth, a high tech transmitter that recognises other buried devices and auto-adjusts its signal to aid in more accurate recovery, a marking function for multiple burials, a minimum battery life of 400 hours in send mode, an easy to read display, TX600 compatibility and an integrated inclinometer plus other features. A comfortable, adjustable carrying system keeps the DSP PRO secure and accessible. Batteries included.


  • Maximum circular range of 60m for extended, symmetrical search area
  • Optimised MARK and SCAN function for multiple burial scenarios
  • Perfect readable display in all light conditions
  • Battery lifetime of 400+ hours in send-mode saves energy and is environmentally friendly
  • Auto-Revert Search-to-Send ability (disabled by default as the benefit of this option is controverisal because, amongst other reasons, it's likely the transceiver will be torn from you in the case of a secondary avalanche while searching)
  • Unique self-check during power-on, including transmitting frequency and operation of antannas, amplifiers, processors and batteries
  • Direction and distance indication from initial detection
  • Three antennas, plus self-checking reference antenna allow exact fine search
  • Intelligent transmitter adjusts signal to allow for the easiest solution in a multiple burial scenario
  • Frequency measurement for extended transceiver check
  • Compatible with TX600 Dog/Equipment Transmitter and iProbe for added search capabilities
  • Integrated inclinometer for easy slope angle assessment
  • Check and update possibility to the latest firmware (USB cable not included)
  • Adjustable carrying system keeps the device secure and accessible:
    • High comfort and low weight
    • Neoprene pouch with comfortable strap
    • Fast pull system for device handling
  • Package includes:
    • DSP PRO carrying system
    • Hand loop
    • 3 x AAA Alkaline battieries
    • Manual


Dimensions 11.5 x 7.4 x 2.7cm
Floats No
Batteries 3 x alkaline AAA, IEC-LR03, 1.5V
Weight with Batteries 198g
Other Specs Maximum range: 60m
Search strip width: 60m
Temperature range: minus 20
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