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Use the digital technology in the iPROBE ONE to help you accurately locate signals during searches for people caught under snow and zero in on multiple burials. Easy to use with clear visual and audible indicators for every standard transceiver with an approaching range of 2m and probing length of a maximum range of 4 metres (including electronic range). It has an automatic deactivating function (when within 50cm of transceiver) when you find someone so that you can locate next strongest signals. Packs up small.


  • Clear and simple activating - all further handling is done automatically
  • Probe tip with integrated receiver - locates every avalanche transmitter
  • Clear optical and acoustic target indicator: The PIEPS iPROBE ONE detects an active transmitter according the standard EN300718
  • Multiple burials: The PIEPS iPROBE ONE deactivates within 8 seconds the strongest transmitting signal EN300718 of all beacons with iPROBE ONE Support
  • The optical target indicator in the iPROBE handle will blink while approaching every avalanche transceiver and the acoustic target indicator will beep while approaching every avalanche transceiver
  • Clear and simple activation/deactivation by pressing the on/off button 3 times
  • Quick-closing latch for efficient assembly of the probe
  • Durable tubes made of extremely light and high quality carbon fibre/aluminium - easy to keep together during transport with Velcro tape
  • Special coating for perfect grip - even with gloves
  • Centimetre scale to estimate burial depth and for snow profiles
  • Probe tip with integrated receiver locates every avalanche transceiver


Floats No
Batteries 1 x AA (1.5V alkaline, LR6), included
Weight with Batteries 390g
Other Specs Transmission frequency: 457kHz (EN 300718)
Approaching range: 2m
Range target hit: 0 to approximately 50cm
Temperature range: minus 20°C to +45°C
Probing length (mechanical): 2.2m
Probing length total (Mechanical plus electronic target range): max 4m


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