PIEPS TX600 Dog/Equipment Transmitter

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The mini PIEPS TX600 Transmitter provides safety for dogs and is perfect for essential equipment in the even t you are separated in a slide. It gives you the precise location of whatever you put it on, without interfering with standard 457 kHz beacon searches. Transmitting on a different frequency than full-size beacons, the TX600 is light and safe and can be received with PIEPS DPS PRO and DSP (V 8.2) in equipment mode.


  • Mini-transmitter that send a signal at a frequency of 456.00 kHz
  • Motion sensor: TX600 does not transmit as long as it is in motion - if stationary it starts to transmit after 20 seconds
  • Maximum receiveing range: 15m
  • The PIEPS TX600 can be received with every PIEPS DSP PRO and PIEPS DSP (version 8.2)
  • The PIEPS TX600 never influences active search operations
  • Safety for all dogs in mission and on tour (avalanche and rescue dogs, hunting dogs,...)
  • PIEPS recommend a distance of 50cm between the BACKUP and the PIPES TX600, if used together, to avoid any mutual impact e.g. wear the BACKUP in a closed trouser pocket and the TX600 in the lid pocket of your pack


Dimensions 6.2 x 4.7 x 1.9cm
Floats No
Batteries 1 x alkaline AAA, IEC-LR03, 1.5V
Weight with Batteries 70g
Other Specs Maximum range: 15m
Temperature range: minus 20
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