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Exped SIM HL Sleeping Mats

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The SIM HL is a hyper light and compact self inflating mat. It features an ultralight foam fill that is cored vertically as well a horizontally in the head and leg areas, a tapered design that shaves weight (as well as letting you fit them into small spaces), a new anti-slip GripSkin coating and Exped's FlatValve Technology which lets you adjust the mat to your sleeping preference easily. Packs down small, taking up little space in your pack. Note: Images are very similar to product but not exact as Exped have yet to take photos of these new mats.

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  • Self inflating
  • Minimal packed size
  • The ingenious contour shape allows 2 mats to fit next to each other in a confined space
  • New anti-slip GripSkin coating
  • Ultralight cored foam fill
  • The mat is zoned for maximum weight reduction with horizontal channels in the torso area and additional vertically hollowed channels in the head and leg areas
  • Seams are high frequency welded, the strongest non-sewn method for bonding fabrics
  • Comfortable 3.8cm thickness
  • Separate, durable FlatValves for inflation and deflation simplify handling
  • The included packsack is dimensioned for easy packing. It can also be used a pillowcase when filled with spare clothing.
  • 2 year warranty


Length 120cm (XS), 183cm (Medium)
Width 52cm
Thickness 3.2cm
Rolled Size 19 x 12cm (XS), 20 x 15cm (Medium)
Fill 12kg/m2 opencell PU foam, Oekotex 100 certified
Average Weight 350g (XS)
480g (Medium)
Relative Warmth (R Value) 3.2 (0.56m2.kelvins/watt)
Temperature Rating minus 5°C
Made From Top: 20D polyester, brushed, TPU polyether film laminate, hydrolysis resistant, GripSkin non-slip coating, honeycomb embossed
Bottom: 20D polyester, TPU polyether film laminate, hydrolysis resistant, PU flatvalves


100% airtight – every single mat is individually tested. Each mat is tested during 72 hours for airtight integrity prior to shipment and various tests are conducted during production to warrant consistency of quality in the manufacturing process. Each mat model endures durability tests through Exped proprietary testing machines in which a 80kg steel cylinder rolls over the mat 15,000 times from edge to edge, and the stamp test in which a 60kg weight is dropped 200 times on to the mat. All mats are designed to withstand 5 x the pressure that can be attained during normal inflation but you should still treat your mat with caution by checking the ground for thorns, preventing animals from biting it, not placing hot pans on it, keeping it away from fire and other heat sources, keeping the mat dry to prevent mildew and avoiding general rough treatment. Lightweight fabrics have an effect on the overall durability of products, but caution can alleviate this.

Exped manufacture under sound environmental and social standards in a high quality conscious family run factory in Taiwan. Research and development takes place in Switzerland.


  • Dirt is the number one enemy of any textile product as minute dust grains abrade the fabrics. Therefore, Exped recommend you wash the mat from time to time with mild soap and lukewarm water. Never machine wash, dry clean or tumble dry.
  • Keep the mat away from heat sources such as fire or a car or tent during the day. The air within the mat can expand and put extreme pressure on baffles, seams and laminates which can then lead to ruptured seam or malfunction.
  • Keep the mat away from sharp objects like thorns, corals, rocks or branches and dogs.
  • Do not use mechanical pumps as they can generate excess pressure which can lead to seam delamination.
  • Keep valves clean as dirt or sand can have negative effects on the airtight seal. Use a little water to wipe the valve clean.
  • If you move the mat from warm to cold places, or inflate the mat while temperature is warm and then they drop, you will experience a loss of pressure in the mat which may lead you to believe the mat is punctured. This is not the case, it is just contraction of the warm air and physics.
  • Changes of pressure: quick changes from sealevel to mountain heights can lead to partial vacuum and make it hard to open the valve. Open them prior to travel.
  • Mat as chair: we recommend using the Exped ChairKit which allows you to convert your mat to a chair our lounger as well as offering additional protection against abrasion, dirt and punctures.
  • Store your mat unrolled and with open valves in a dry, cool and dark place such as under your bed or the attic.
  • Keep away from pets!

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