Beal Dynaclip Lanyard

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Beal Dynaclips are dynamic lanyards with sewn terminations designed for clipping anchors on sports routes to provide you with enhanced safety levels. Use as you would a sling although the dynamic performance of the Dynaclips are greatly superior to that of a conventional sewn tape sling: Dynaclips reduce the impact fall of a factor 1 force fall to less than half that of a dyneema sling by absorbing the energy produced by the fall. They also make rope management at the belay easier. Assorted colours.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dynamic
  • Stitching protected by a moulded cover
  • Uses for the 40cm Dynaclip:
    • To clip in to a lower-off at an indoor climbing wall
    • A cow's tail lanyard for a child
    • To short link to a pulley at a high ropes course
  • Uses for the 75cm Dynaclip:
    • To clip into a belay on a multipitch route


Guaranteed Impact Force Factor 1 (80kg): 6.2kN<br>Factor 2 (80kg): 9.5kN
Guaranteed Number of Falls Factor 1 (80kg): >20 falls<br>Factor 2 (80kg): 8 falls
Warning Rock and Alpine climbing are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using our equipment in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved and that the equipment used is designed for the application. The purchaser accepts full and complete responsibility and liability for any and all damages and injury that may result from use of equipment bought from Bivouac Outdoor. Instruction should be sought from professionals in the safe use of this piece of equipment. This equipment is designed for recreational use and should not be used for industrial applications.
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