Beal Pinch

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The BEAL Pinch secures a carabiner at the end of a rope or tape lanyard keeping it firmly in place. Use any time you want a carabiner to stay in a certain position. Very flexible it can be shaped to fit most ropes or webbing and is made from a particularly robust plastic/rubber material to ensure effective protection against abrasion if it comes into contact with trees or rocks.


  • Flexible to fit most ropes and webbing
  • Abrasion resistant material
  • Pass the tight eye of your rope or lanyard though the centre hole of the Pinch and then feed the carabiner through the two smaller holes to secure the rope end (or webbing) in place. It will grip the carabiner bar tightly but will allow some movement under pressure.


Warning Rock and Alpine climbing are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using our equipment in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved and that the equipment used is designed for the application. The purchaser accepts full and complete responsibility and liability for any and all damages and injury that may result from use of equipment bought from Bivouac Outdoor. Instruction should be sought from professionals in the safe use of this piece of equipment. This equipment is designed for recreational use and should not be used for industrial applications.


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