International Orders

If you order from outside of New Zealand your order is an international order. The process is the same as for New Zealand orders (see our Shipping Information page) but you will have questions that don't apply to New Zealand orders and it is those questions we hope to answer here.

Due to postal regulations in New Zealand, and for parcel insurance rules, we must declare the parcel that is your order at its true and correct value. We can't change this or mark as $0, for example, or declare that it is a gift. Because we are a commercial company sending goods overseas, we have to mark the declaration as goods. Just so you know, if we were to change these values and parcel declarations we would get into serious trouble here and you, or whomever your order is sent to, can also get fined and the parcel seized by customs.

However, the good news about this is that if your parcel is lost in transit, we can replace it for you which we could not do without the true order value being declared.


New Zealand Sales tax is not included in the price we offer internationally. We do not have the option to remove GST automatically on our current website platform so the pricing on the website is the actual price paid whether in New Zealand or overseas but the GST saved by exporting enables us to heavily subsidise shipping internationally. This still means on most parcels we lose money on shipping as the GST rebate is less than the actual shipping costs - we only ship using Air or faster services including track and trace and insurance.

VAT and Customs Duty

When an order goes to a country other than New Zealand you will probably be charged duties and taxes that are beyond our control. You should check on any possible taxes or duties that the destination country government has in place before you order.

European Union:

  • Import VAT is payable on all internet shopping bought from outside the European Union (EU) where the value is above €10 / £7.
  • Customs duty is payable on imported goods with a value of €150 / £120, although payment is waived if the amount of duty is less than €10 / £7.
  • Customs duty is charged on most goods imported into the EU. The duty rates are set out in European Community Legislation and in the Customs Tariff, which classifies the goods and gives the rate of duty. The legislation applies to all member states of the EU. All non-EU goods imported into the UK are subject to import VAT.
  • The sheer volumes of goods that arrive each day have to be segregated into those that are chargeable and those that aren’t. There will be occasions when parcels are not correctly identified as chargeable. However, this does not mean charges were not due on previous imports.
  • If you are from the United Kingdom you should check out the "Shopping on the Internet" page put up by HM Revenue and Customs for details on importing into the UK.


  • If your order is under $1000 AUD there will be no extra charges for your order. See the "When buying over the internet" page on the Australian Customs Service website.


  • Customs duty is payable on imported goods with a value of over $150 NZD with a tax of 13% of the value of goods imported.
  • In Canada, Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) is also collected on most taxable imports valued at over $20 CDN entering Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A handling fee of $8.50 CDN (Canada) per dutiable or taxable mail item is applied, with a possible $50 CDN from Canadian Customs.


  • The buyer is responsible for paying customs duties, if any.
  • Customs duty is payable on imported goods with a value of over $200 USD with a tax of 20% of the value of goods imported
  • Imported packages under $2000 USD entering the country through International Mail enter as Informal Entry and all paperwork and the USPS and Customs Service can handle processing. If the package does require payment of duty, Customs attaches a form called a mail entry (form CF-3419A), which shows how much duty is owed, and charges a $5 processing fee as well. When the post office delivers the package, it will also charge a handling fee.

If you would like further information please contact or use our contact page.

Brands/Products We Don't Ship Outside New Zealand

  • Arc'teryx: Due to contract limitations we cannot ship to addresses out of New Zealand.
  • Outdoor Research: Due to contract limitations we cannot ship to addresses out of New Zealand.
  • The North Face Due to contract limitations we cannot ship to addresses in Australia.
  • Liquids and/or Foods Due to export restrictions we can't send any liquids and/or foods out of the country.
  • Bulk Items Due to the oversize nature of certain products in our range we cannot ship bulk items overseas. This will include large packs, tents or heavy items. In most cases, a note will be displayed in the product description where this is applicable.

Countries We Ship To

We currently send orders to New Zealand (domestic), Australia, Europe, North America and a selection of other worldwide locations. If your country is not listed in the cart as an option please email us.

Current Shipping / Freight Charges

Please click here to view the current charges (in New Zealand Dollars) for shipping an order.

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