Lorpen Men's T3LME T3 Light Hiker Eco Socks

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The T3LME T3 Light Hiker Eco Socks are light socks designed for non-winter tramping adventures. They feature selective layering to keep your feet cool and protected and reinforced with cushioned heels and toes for comfort and durability. Made with eco-friendly, highly abrasion resistant Red-Cycled nylon made from recovered commercial fishing nets no longer in use on the outside, COOLMAX® EcoMade fibres to wick moisture away from your foot and TENCEL® fibres for a soft comfortable layer against your skin. Stretch nylon with LYCRA® all throughout the sock means no slipping or bunching up and that fit is retained through long-term use and washing.


  • Light sock with SLS technology for 3-season use
  • Stabiliser wrap is an integrated support to keep the sock perfectly aligned with your foot, without it sliding or turning, eliminating unevenness and wrinkles
  • Reinforced and cushioned toes and heels for durability and comfort on your walking adventures
  • Malleolus protection with a cushioned, reinforced structure that relieves pressure generated by impacts and protects it from friction
  • Venting area promotes heat and moisture release during exercise
  • Articulated zone minimises bulk on the top of the foot for greater freedom of movement and helping to prevent bunching up
  • Dynamic line is a continuous linear structure that surrounds the sock, adapting it perfectly to your foot
  • Flat Knit Toe Seam (or stitch-by-stitch toe seam) means no irritation on your toes


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Sock Style Crew
Cushion Light cushion in heel and toe
Made From 44% Red-Cycled nylon, 29% COOLMAX® ECO, 16% stretch nylon with LYCRA®, 11% TENCEL®

Selective Layering System (SLS): a technology that allows Lorpen to combine different numbers of layers in the same sock, located in different areas of the sock, as required by the activity.

T3 technology: 3 layers of differentiated yarn with a hydrophobic yarn next-to-skin to keep your skin dry, a hydrophilic yarn in the mid-outer side to absorb the moisture out of the skin and spread it for faster drying and a resistant yarn on the outside to protect the areas most exposed to friction.

Red-Cycled Nylon yarn is made entirely from fishing nets whose useful life in the fishing industry has come to an end. In this way, instead of becoming a danger at the bottom of the sea, they are recycled to give life to a new nylon yarn. This continuous fibre yarn is hard-wearing and provides good cushioning. It withstands wear and tear better than any other fibre on the market.

COOLMAX® EcoMade technology provides the long-lasting freshness you would expect from the Coolmax® brand, but produced with 97% recycled materials to help the environment. This polyester fibre is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, offering continuous moisture wicking.

TENCEL® is a cellulose Lenzing fibre which comes from Eucalyptus plants on certified sustainable plantations. TENCEL®'s nano-structure provides exceptional wicking, accumulation, expansion and drying of moisture. TENCEL® provides a layer that is soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. It is a fully biodegradable fibre that is made from trees from sustainable farms.

Stretch Nylon with LYCRA® adds durability and ensure these socks stay up in your shoes without slipping down to your toes. On the one hand, NYLON is a synthetic continuous fibre that is characterised by its resistance and capacity to cushion. On the other hand, LYCRA® is a synthetic elastane fibre that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state. Its strategic placement in the outer layer of Lorpen socks guarantees a long life for Lorpen socks. Along with Nylon, LYCRA® is characterised by its strength and cushioning capacity.

Sustainable manufacturing:

  • CERTIFIED: The Lorpen factory has the ISO 14001 certification (Environmental).
  • ENERGY: The Lorpen factory consumes 100% renewable energy power (electrical energy). Sun light efficient factory building.
  • RESOURCES: The Lorpen factory does not use chemicals in final products nor water in excess in its process.
  • MATERIALS: All the materials used in Lorpen products are spun and dyed in Europe . All of them are OEKOTEX® certified.
  • PACKAGING: All the plastic bags used in the factory are produced with low-density polyethylene that has a lower environmental impact than any other solution and without printing so that they can be completely recycled. All the boxes used in the factory contain 60% recycled materials.
  • LOCATION: The location of the factory allows 95% of workers to bike or walk to work.


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