CamelBak Women's Solstice LR 10 Bike Hydration Pack

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The women's-specific Solstice LR 10 is a bike pack with a lumbar design that keeps your water and cargo stowed low, the lower centre of gravity giving you more stability on bumpy trails and free upper body movement. It features include a 3-litre Crux™ Lumbar Reservoir for fast and fumble free refills, a Magnetic Tube Trap™ that automatically clicks into place so you can hydrate without taking your eyes off the trail, 7 litres of cargo space, tool organiser roll, a dual wing belt with ventilation and cargo pockets for easy access to essentials and an exterior helmet and armour carry.


  • Women's-specific fit
  • Torso fit range: 38-48cm
  • Waist fit range: 66-116cm
  • Lumbar reservoir with integrated compression shifts weight and support to your lumbar region
  • Dual-wing belt has an inner belt that transfers weight to your hips and an outer blet that compresses your cargo to keep weight close to your body
  • Ventilated hip belt with cargo is lightweight, breathable and keeps essentials close to hand
  • 3D ventilated mesh harness is lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable sternum strap offers a custom fit and increased stability
  • Magnetic Tube Trap™ management keeps your drinking tube secure and accessible when you need it
  • 5 exterior pockets
  • Secure phone pocket to essentials safe and easy to access
  • Tool organisation roll keeps your Co2 cartridges, patch kits and more right where you can find them
  • Built in helmet and armour carry to stow and secure your helmet, knee and elbow pads while still allowing full access to your pack without removing it
  • Reflectivity for added safety in low light conditions
  • 3-litre Crux™ Lumbar Reservoir features:
    • Easy open/close leak-proof cap
    • Leak-proof on/off lever lets you access water when you want it and prevents leaks when you don't
    • Ergonomic handle for one hand fill
    • Reservoir baffle creates a low profile fit for easy pack loading and less water sloshing
    • 100% BPA/BPS/BPF free
    • HydroGuard™ antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria in the reservoir and tube (does not protect you from bacteria or other disease-causing organisms)
    • Big Bite™ Valve is an easy bite and sip valve that self-seals after each drink, eliminating annoying drips
    • Quick Link™ System makes it easy to remove the reservoir from your pack by disconnecting the drink tube with an auto shut off to prevent leakage
  • CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: "If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee"


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Hydration Capacity 3 Litres
Cargo Capacity 7 Litres
Dimensions 41 x 25 x 18cm
Average Weight 650g (pack only)

Pack Cleaning: CamelBak® recommend wiping your pack with a damp cloth to remove dirt. If the pack is extremely dirty and needs a deeper cleaning, soak it in cool or warm water with a very mild soap. Rinse the pack thoroughly with cool water. If soap residue remains in the fabric, it may create suds if exposed to water or sweat.

DO NOT wash your pack in a washing machine. Machine washing may damage the pack or affect the integrity of the fabric and fasteners, and will void the Got Your Bak™ Guarantee.

Reservoir Cleaning: The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean and dry it after every use, especially if you fill the reservoir with anything other than water. However, if a reservoir has not been cleaned after every use, and mold or discoloration develops:

  1. Use hot water and a CamelBak Cleaning Tablet. (Or use 2 tablespoons of baking soda or bleach instead of CamelBak Cleaning Tab.) Mix the solution inside your reservoir and elevate the reservoir above the tube and Big Bite Valve. Pinch the bite valve, allowing the solution to flow into the drink tube and fill the bite valve.
  2. Let the reservoir and cleaning solution sit in the reservoir and drink tube for about 30 minutes.
  3. Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse away the cleaning solution in the reservoir and drink tube before using again. You can also use CamelBak brushes from their Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and drink tube. Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean.
  4. Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry overnight so no moisture is trapped inside, which can cause mold to grow.

These steps will make your reservoir safe for use. If there are still spots left behind, these are permanent mold stains that may not be removable. However, your reservoir is still safe and usable after you've cleaned it.


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