Sterling Ion R 9.4mm XEROS Rope

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The Ion R 9.4mm is a XEROS Dry-treated, dynamic, single rope that offers easy handling durability in a lightweight, mid-range size. It has a firm, tactile feel for easy clipping and a smooth, durable sheath with a unique construction that reduces rope drag and feeds well through gear. Ideal for trad, sport, big-wall and ice climbing and top roping.


  • UIAA* Dry certified built with Sterling XEROS Rope technology
  • Made with bluesign® certified raw materials
  • Includes a middle mark

* UIAA = International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation.

What the fall rating actually means on a UIAA certified rope: a higher fall rating does not equal a better rope. The fall rating is the number of falls the rope held during the certification tests. It is not the number of falls the rope can hold in the real world. This test is absurdly severe and not representative of real-world scenarios. Sterling builds ropes for real-world performance, not to achieve the highest numbers on a test. Their ropes are designed to offer optimal handling, catch and durability all while meeting UIAA standards. When assessing a rope for retirement and replacement, follow the rope care guidelines that come with your rope.


Rope Type Single
Diameter 9.4mm
Weight Per Metre 57g
Guaranteed Impact Force 8.7kN
Guaranteed Number of Falls 5
Static Elongation 0.072
Dynamic Elongation 0.331
Warning Rock and Alpine climbing are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Any person using our equipment in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved and that the equipment used is designed for the application. The purchaser accepts full and complete responsibility and liability for any and all damages and injury that may result from use of equipment bought from Bivouac Outdoor. Instruction should be sought from professionals in the safe use of this piece of equipment. This equipment is designed for recreational use and should not be used for industrial applications.
Care Sterling's dynamic rope care PDF (will open in new window)

XEROS technology: is a whole new way to manufacture UIAA* Certified dry rope that's more effective, wear resistant, better for the environment, and lower cost - and only available from Sterling.

Wet rope is weaker rope. The numbers don't lie: Rope loses 20% to 40% of its strength when wet. And that can happen if you're caught in a downpour, climbing an icy pitch, or even just dealing with prolonged exposure to high humidity. The solution? Dry rope. But it's not a perfect solution. Traditional dry ropes are made "dry" with an exterior coating that keeps water out. That coating can wear (leaving the rope vulnerable to water), the finish can feel tacky (so it picks up dirt), and the process to coat the rope is labour-intensive - increasing cost and waste.

Sterling wanted to do better. So they went back to the drawing board for what a dry rope could be - and uncovered a whole new way to make dry rope. Stay strong in the wet: XEROS technology creates a dry rope with next-level performance - and without a sticky, vulnerable-to-wear outer coating. It's a new step in the manufacturing process of individual nylon fibres, before they're even twisted into yarn, that makes each fibre water resistant. When Sterling make dry rope using these fibres, the result is a product that blows traditional dry rope out of the water. Plus both the core and sheath are protected with XEROS, which reduces performance issues related to sheath slippage. Along with being PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) long-chain free, like all Sterling ropes, the XEROS technology process reduces waste, reduces energy use and reduces labour which makes it better for the environment. Ropes that use XEROS technology and are ready for anything.

bluesign® approved: The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides you confidence you'll acquire a sustainable product. Those operating sustainably - meaning conserving resources and reducing the environmental impact to a minimum - also act responsibly and innovatively. Wanting to produce sustainable goods though involves a detailed examination of all materials and processes used as well as the impact of the production on the environment. Only this holistic observation, which starts well before the actual production, will guarantee a final product that is harmless to human beings and the environment. The standard covers 5 principles:

  • Resource productivity: defines the ecological and economical goal to produce textile products of maximum quality and added value, using a minimum amount of resources as well as causing the least possible environmental impact.
  • Air emission: air emissions need to comply with strictly controlled emission limits along the entire production chain. Optimising the energy flow as well as using low-emission components reduces the CO2 load, implicating active climate protection.
  • Occupational health and safety: the health and safety of employees in the textile industry has to be safeguarded by strict guidelines. Weak points occurring locally must be detected. In accordance with the risk potential of the deployed chemical substances, corresponding occupational safety measures are mandatory.
  • Water emission: control aims at feeding back purified water into the natural cycle and causing the least possible pollution of rivers, lakes and seas. This can be achieved by the use of ecologically harmless components as well as by optimising production and wastewater treatment processes.
  • Consumer safety: includes not only the mandate for high-quality textile products without health risks, but also the assurance that all of the principles of sustainability are consistently implemented during the production process.


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