Sea to Summit Silk Blend Sleeping Bag Liner

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The Silk Blend Sleeping Bag Liners are designed for comfort, creating a soft luxurious sleep environment and adding warmth to your sleeping bag. They are made with a blend of 72% Thermolite® Po yarns with infra red technology, Thermolite® EcoMade fibres and 28% silk. The Mummy version has practical shoulder openings while the Rectangular version has Comfort Stretch side panels and a built-in pillow sleeve and makes a hygienic sleep sheet for travellers.


  • A liner is the climate core of your sleep system - the Silk Blend liners add warmth and a touch of luxury to your sleeping bag
  • Soft, natural fibres, with a less shiny finish than pure silk
  • Hollow-core ThermoLite® Pro fibres create a warmth-trapping layer around you, enhanced by infra red absorbing ceramic pigments and combines with silk to create a soft, luxurious sleep environment
  • The Mummy version has practical openings in the shoulders to aid with ventilation and to allow you user to stretch your arms out of the liner
  • Rectangular with Pillow Sleeve is a great hygienic sleep sheet wherever you travel and has Comfort Stretch panels along the seams to boost comfort
  • HeiQ Fresh odour control technology helps keep the liner fresh even after extended use
  • Keeps sleeping bag clean on the inside
  • Comes with an Ultra-sil stuff sack


Length 206cm (Mummy), 225cm (Rectangular (Pillow Sleeve))
Shoulder Width 80cm (both)
Foot Width 33cm (Mummy), 80cm (Rectangular(Pillow Sleeve))
Rolled Size 12 x 6.5 x 10cm (Mummy), 12 x 6.5 x 10cm (Rectangular (Pillow Sleeve))
Average Weight 140g (Mummy), 160g (Rectangular (Pillow Sleeve))
Made From 72% Thermolite® Pro yarn/Thermolite® EcoMade yarn, 28% natural silk

Thermolite® Pro: offers an extra thermal boost for warmth and comfort in cold conditions. Thermolite® Pro far infrared fibre (FIR) technology is a lightweight, hollow fibre with special ceramic pigments that generate warmth for your body. Liners made with FIR fibre are more efficient at absorbing the far infrared rays emitted by your body and reflecting them back to you. This heat transfer by re-radiation effectively improves your body's heat retention.

ThermoLite® EcoMade: is a sustainably made material that offers an insulation effect for an added thermal boost. Thermolite® EcoMade employs the tried-and-tested performance of hollow-core Thermolite yarn and is made with 100% recycled resources. Hollow core fibres trap air, provide insulation and wick moisture to the outside of the fabric where it can dry quickly. Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, and ground up into flakes. They are then converted into chips, spun into fibre and yarn, and finally, woven into your liner. GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard) and offer the same quality and durable lightweight warmth as their polymer virgin counterparts but with a lower carbon footprint.

HeiQ Fresh: Sea to Summit Liners are treated with HeiQ Fresh FFL, a biocide-free, highly effective odour control technology that uses a bio-based Amino Sugar Polymer to neutralise body odour.


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