Sea to Summit Women's Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated Sleeping Mat

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The women's-specific Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated Sleeping Mat is a thick and exceptionally warm mat (sporting an R-value of over 6) designed for use during your adventures in cold and winter conditions. It combines increased-density dual layers of THERMOLITE® insulation to prevent convective heat loss and internal air movement with quiet, lightweight and grippy fabric and 10cm-high Air Sprung Cells™ for warmth and stable comfort. Other features include a multi-functional valve and an Airstream™ pump sack for easy inflation, deflation and adjustment and PillowLock™ to hold your Aeros™ pillow in place.


  • 6.3 R-Value is perfect for cold weather adventures
  • Shaped for a woman's comfort: narrower at the shoulders, but wider between the hips and knees. This shape significantly enhances comfort for those of you who sleep in a figure-4 position (or on your side or stomach) by giving you the room you need to move while you sleep
  • Air Sprung Cells™ conform to your body shape, providing a more even dispersion of pressure across the mat for a more comfortable night's sleep
  • Extra thick (XT) loop baffle Air Sprung Cells™ construction for 10cm stable comfort
  • Lighter, quieter and durable 30D/40D face fabric with Sea to Summit's liquid-extruded lamination is extremely reliable
  • Dual-density layers of THERMOLITE® insulation (higher density than the unisex model) fill the inner space, preventing heat loss due to convection and internal air movement
  • Anti-microbial treatment is added to the TPU formula to prevent internal mould growth
  • Quick and easy inflation, deflation and adjustment with the multi-function, high flow-rate valve and supplied Airstream Pump/stuff sack
  • PillowLock™ attaches your new-generation Aeros™ pillow to your mat, holding it in place for a slip-free sleep
  • Comes with a stuff sack which doubles as a pump, a repair kit with six self-adhesive patches and a spare valve insert


Length 168cm (Regular)
Shoulder Width 55cmm (Regular)
Foot Width 54cm (Regular)
Thickness 10cm
Rolled Size 17.5 x 24cm (Regular)
Fill Polyester
Average Weight 685 (Regular)
Relative Warmth (R Value) 6.3 (1.1095m2.kelvins/watt)
Made From 30D / 40D nylon with anti-microbial liquid-extruded TPU lamination
Insulation: Exkin Platinum®, and THERMOLITE®

Air Sprung Cells™ technology: instead of the typical baffled construction, Sea to Summit™ mats are constructed using a dot-weld pattern to create a high surface-area matrix of interconnected chambers that operate in the same way as a pocket spring mattress. As each cell deforms independently the mat conforms to the contours and movement of your body and feels softer and more comfortable with more body contact and even dispersal of pressure.

Sea to Summit developed the 30/40D Nylon face fabric to hit the balance between weight and durability. The 40D warp yarn (running lengthwise providing the fabric framework) adds strength while the 30D weft yarn (weaved across the warp yarn) reduces the overall weight of the fabric and creates a textured weave. On the inside they apply a bright white extrusion laminated TPU to make the fabric airtight and weldable. On the outside they apply a thin acrylic coating to reduce the slipperiness of the surface, increase puncture resistance and to aid puncture repair with self-adhesive patches.

THERMOLITE® insulation:is designed for ultimate performance and is made from specially engineered fibres to achieve a high CLO value with low weight. THERMOLITE® HL 1 high loft insulation is a fibrefill constructed with a unique 3D crimp of hollow-core and solid fibres which provide excellent lightweight warmth with superior durability. The THERMOLITE® lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells™ to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the ground. Exkin Platinum® and THERMOLITE® are combined to great effect in this mat.

Liquid-Extruded TPU Lamination Process: An advanced lamination process which ensures an even and durable bond of the TPU (material which makes up the air bladder) to the face fabric. This process is superior to typical 'roll-to-roll' lamination and virtually eliminates the risk of delamination.

Multi-function valve: integrates an inflate port with a one-way valve to prevent air loss before you seal the valve, a rapid air dump deflate port, and a fine tune button to adjust for comfort, in one compact, low profile unit.


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