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Award-winnning WoolAid Plasters are revolutionary. Made from highly breathable, naturally antimicrobial, sustainable hyperfine Merino-wool, they are a pleasure to wear while promoting wound healing and, when you've finished with them, they are totally biodegrade in soil in around 4 months. Tough, soft, comfortable and with no latex! This pack contains 12 Regular-sized and 3 XL-sized plasters to cover most blisters, cuts, scrapes and grazes. Say no to adding plastic to nature and use WoolAid plasters instead.


  • Optimised wound protection: highly breathable Merino wool fabric allows for moisture and temperature regulation around the wound and surrounding skin
  • Biodegradable: the plaster fabric biodegrades in approximately 4 months when buried in soil
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging, bandage sleeves and tabs
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skins and allergies: hyperfine Merino wool fibres are gentle on skin and naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Tough: built for the outdoors, WoolAid is naturally strong yet flexible and soft-to-touch
  • Born in New Zealand by mountain guide Lucas Smith
  • Pack contains: 15 x sterile, adhesive Merino wool plasters with absorbent wound pads(3 x XL in Alpine Blue and 12 x Regular in Granite Grey)
  • Single use only
  • Apply to clean and dry skin and, should you have any concerns, remove and consult a medical professional


Dressings Contents 12 x Regular plasters in Granite Grey (76 x 19mm)
3 x XL plasters in Alpine Blue (76 x 50mm)


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