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Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Shoe

SKU# BDI_11176

The Aspect Climbing Shoe is "an engineered trad machine" that balances comfort with performance. Features include a leather upper that slightly covers the laces on the outside of the foot for protection during abrasive jamming, Engineered Knit Technology to add breathability and comfort in the tongue and extending to the outside of the shoe for padded protection for foot jams, and lateral stabiliser rands to increase precision by avoiding foot roll when you apply pressure to the outside or inside edge. The stiff and durable sole is moulded rubber, rather than cut from a sheet, to optimise weight, consistency and comfort and the medium-flex midsole adds support without sacrificing sensitivity.

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  • Neutral, flat last for all day cragging comfort
  • 4.3mm rubber is purpose-built for edging and molded for optimal consistency and performance
  • Engineered Knit Technology tongue provides exceptional breathability, comfort and extra padding for crack climbing
  • Internal Lace Protection System for crack climbing
  • Medium-flex midsole adds support without sacrificing sensitivity
  • Lateral stabiliser rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling over when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges
  • Highest grade European leather upper
  • Unisex


Engineered Knit Technology: provides stretch where you need it, support where it matters, and exceptional breathability. The process to create this knit material relies on having complete and total control of the manufacturing process. In the words of designer Kasey Jarvis, "We're literally controlling the tension of the knit machine to get the durability of the knit to where we think it needs to be, to get it to hold the right shape, and to have the right openings for breathability. We're in control of all the variables."

Molded midsole: "Instead of just die-cutting out a piece of plastic that then gets sandwiched in the construction of the shoe, we're 3D molding a plastic midsole that matches the shape of the last so that longer term, the shoe stays the same," says Kasey. The midsoles are constructed with Pebax plastic which has excellent memory and keeps its shape which means that over time, no matter how many hours you spend in them, BD climbing shoes will retain their shape.

Molded rubber: Inspired by the way BD carabiners are forged, Black Diamond does not just die-cut a sheet of rubber, they mold the raw material in a controlled shape where they control the geometry, the recipe for the rubber, the heat, the pressure and the thickness. The benefit of this approach to climbing shoe rubber is that each mold is individually created to fit together – unlike the trace, trim and hand-grind method. This allows Black Diamond to vary the weight, thickness and consistency of each mold to enhance the rubber's overall comfort, durability and performance.

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