Komperdell Large UL Vario Baskets (Pair)

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The Large UL Vario Baskets can be used in winter and summer conditions to provide more flotation on powder snow and prevent your pole getting stuck in high grass or between stones. Can be used on any Komperdell pole with a vario basket system. Sold as a pair and packaging may vary from that pictured.


  • Change your basket as follows:
    1. Twist the existing basket 90° counter-clockwise (when looking at it from the bottom) and slide it off the tip of the trekking pole
    2. Slide the new basket onto the tip of the trekking pole
    3. Twist the new basket 90° clockwise until it clicks into place in the semi-circular notch (visible on the bottom of the basket)
  • NOTE: If the basket is stuck, heat it with a hair dryer or put it in hot water, it will become more flexible and softer. Now try again!



Komperdell Care instructions

  • Clean and dry your poles before storing: extend each pole section to the maximum STOP mark, and thoroughly wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Store with the adjustment loose: storing your poles wet or dirty can cause an oxidation process and can make them difficult to adjust or cause the aluminium poles to seize together. This can happen with any pole and is not covered by warranty
  • Do not overtighten the adjustment: a gentle turn until it no longer slips is all that is needed. Never use a lubricant such as CRC and do not clean with any solvent based cleaner


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