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Polar Buff® is the Original Buff® headwear sewn to a cylindrical piece made of Polartec® Classic 100™. In cold weather, Polar Buff® maintains body temperature and prevents heat loss. Perfect for all kinds of winter outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding... They are versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways, beanie, balaclava, scarf, mask to name but a few.


  • Just like Original Buff there are lots of different ways to wear Polar Buff®
  • Perfect for all kinds of winter activities
  • Made from a stretchy seamless 100% polyester microfibre fabric that retains it's original shape sewn to a cylindrical piece of Polartec® Classic 100™. 30 times more durable than bargain fleece. It dries quickly to minimise heat loss.
  • Seam free means no irritating seams or hems
  • High protection against cold, wind, rain and snow while being breathable and elastic
  • Light weight, machine washable and no need to iron
  • Perfect for all kinds of winter activities
  • Fresh in action: durable Polygiene® technology prevents odour causing bacteria
  • Light weight, machine washable and no need to iron


Made From 100% polyester microfibre and Polartec® Classic 100™
Technologies Used Polygiene® technology: a technique for applying silver ions to fabric, which achieves a long-lasting yet natural antibacterial effect. It makes the cloth more hygienic and eliminates foul odours. It is the bacteria that thrive in the presence of sweat that are the main cause of bad smells. The application of the technology also increases the life of your Buff® because bacteria cant deteriorate the fabrics. Environmentally friendly: Polygiene® technology is based on the use of recycled silver salts. Containing a minimum amount of silver ions in its fabric, it achieves the maximum efficacy.

Your Buff® headwear is made of pretty strong stuff, in fact it might possibly out last you. However, if you notice a strange aroma after a few months of use, all you need do is either wash by hand using any form of detergent or machine wash at any temperature and it won't stretch, shrink or run as Buff® headwear is completely colourfast. When it comes to drying all you need do is run down the street with your Buff trailing behind and after a good hour on the run it should be dry or just hang it on the line because it will dry in minutes. No need to iron.

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